USB device that links offline to online now available for Android

November 12th, 2012 Categorized under: Loyalty, Marketing, Mobile, Vizkey

November 7th 2012, London, U.K.  Visible Computing Ltd announced today the launch of its patented USB marketing product – Vizkey – for the Android platform.

The Vizkey is a USB product that when connected with a computer or mobile device automatically launches a customized webpage to provide a rapid way to promote a product or service, and to inform the user about useful news or information. The announcement today means that the Vizkey is now also available for mobile devices using the Android platform.

Mobile Internet is expected to overtake desktop Internet use by 2014[1] and for the first time Vizkey is available in mini-USB format; accessible for Android devices powered with the ICS operating system or above.  As people rely on their mobile devices in greater numbers it is important to engage with them directly on these mobile platforms in addition to computers. The Vizkey USB product for PC and Mac platforms has achieved response rates 20 times higher than comparable media, which indicates that consumers are prepared to engage with marketing messages when it is fast and easy to do so. The Vizkey mini-USB product for the Android platform will extend this experience to the mobile world.

Unlike a traditional marketing engagement tool, Vizkey is flexible, allowing brands to change the content of the destination URL every hour, day or week. Each USB device has a unique ID which provides tracking functionality and detailed analytics on usage. The physical form factor of the USB Vizkey is completely customisable – shape, size, materials, and branding. The content and nature of the message on the Vizkey product can be customised too to enable different levels of security, promotional offers, database building or exclusive/personalised content.  The online content, or message to the customer, is run through the Visible Computing Cloud, so there are no issues with memory storage or security. The device itself is completely secure, as it is read-only with no write capability.

The Vizkey USB product can be used for small or large marketing or advertising campaigns. For example, a supermarket could use it for its loyalty reward programme, a University could use it to update and share syllabus material; a rock band could use it to share exclusive gigs and backstage material; and Pharmaceutical companies could use it to communicate the latest information and side affects to doctors and physicians, in a timely and compliant manner. Industry sectors already using the Vizkey USB products include: Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Festivals, Trade Shows and Loyalty Programmes with clients such as: RBS, Sky, Trip Advisor, Moët Hennessy and Groupon

Jason Greenspan, Managing Director of Visible Computing says: “With the mobile Internet world evolving so fast, we are pleased to make our patented Vizkey USB product available for the Android platform and provide a fast, easy, and powerful way to communicate with these users.”

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